Thursday, December 2, 2010

7 & 7

The only man who could pull off horizontal diamond shaped specks.

De Capo

This is for my dear Gonzo. He loves this song.

Orange skies
Carnivals and cotton candy and you
and I love you too you know I do

Prettier than anything in the world
And I love you too
You know I do

You make me happy
Laughing, glad, and full of glee
And you don't have to try, girl
For you it comes so naturally
Right here in my arms

Love in the Sun

I'm on a beach. It's 1969. You can come if you want.

Get it

I can't think of anywhere else to go but to Love's front door. Sir Arthur and his round table, tearin it up. Super jammy. Jim Morrison had to look up to SOMEone...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When the musics over..

One of the many awesome mug shots of Jim. This was his last before taking of to Paris where he died. Au revoir! Je vous verrai bientot!

Dreamy dreams

What are you doing here?
What do you want?
Is it music?
We can play music.
But you want more.
You want something & someone new.
Am I right?
Of course I am.
I know what you want.
You want ecstasy
Desire & dreams.
Things not exactly what they seem.
I lead you this way, he pulls that way.
I'm not singing to an imaginary girl.
I'm talking to you, my self.
Let's recreate the world.
The palace of conception is burning.

Look. See it burn.
Bask in the warm hot coals.

You're too young to be old
You don't need to be told
You want to see things as they are.
You know exactly what I do

The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison
Exert from Wilderness: Volume I