Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who grew so old.....he decomposed!

Sit beside the breakfast table

Think about your troubles

Pour yourself a cup of tea

And think about the bubbles

You can take your teardrops

And drop them in a teacup

Take them down to the riverside

And throw them over the side

To be swept up by a current

And taken to the ocean

To be eaten by some fishes

Who were eaten by some fishes

And swallowed by a whale

Who grew so old

He decomposed

He died and left his body

To the bottom of the ocean

Now evverybody knows

That when a body decomposes

The basic elements

Are given back to the ocean

And the sea does what it oughta

And soon there's salty water

(That's not too good for drinking)

'Cause it tastes just like a teardrop

(So they run it through a filter)

And it comes out from a faucet

(And is poured into a teapot)

Which is just about to bubble

Now think about your troubles

Think About Your Troubles - Harry Nilsson

Little Oblio

<3 My dude. Captins Helm. Whatta stud.

Photo by: Me

Gammon Back

The backs of these sun dresses are making me woosie. Ahhhh needs and wants, such a thin line. Is it summer yet??

MYNE s/s 2012

When wearing mens slacks...

...don't forget that there will be a ween bulge where you are not use to having a ween bulge, when sitting. It's weird. I feel like Larry David, pointing to my crotch and asking, "What is this?". That my friend, is a ween bulge.
(Yes I am my own friend)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Well hello there Friday......

F YES!!! This is radical. Happy Friday everyone!
"Fu*k limits in your life, sometimes you just gotta eat a corndog." - J.J.

Hacienda Highlights

It's coming along! More to come next week!


See, the UK fashion blogs understand the importaince of shoe porn. This inspires me to make a little peep toe show of my very own. Soon to come, kiddies!

Dave Brubeck

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whatever happened to.....

.....Debra Winger? Don't know? Me neither, but from this interview it sounds like a bottle of Jack and a quaalude is in involved. She sounds drunk but pretty straight up about her feelings towards Hollywood.

"She pulled off one of the great disappearing acts in Hollywood, but it's still easy to spot Debra Winger in a crowd. Sitting in a Manhattan restaurant, the actress looks much the same as she did riding the mechanical bull in Urban Cowboy, swept up and away in the arms of Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, and hugging her children farewell in Terms of Endearment. Her long, dark curly hair has a reddish cast now, but even behind pale tinted sunglasses, she can't hide those big blue opaly eyes.

This is the first film you've produced.
The endless phone calls! Sometimes I think I could slash my wrist. But it takes six minutes and 55 seconds for your blood to circulate out of your body, and my family won't leave me alone long enough.

How do you know that?
I looked into it once.

Were you nervous to be onscreen again?
No. Maybe before we started. Working out the hair and wardrobe. You realize as you're talking to people that they assume that you want to look younger. Nobody even questions it. It's assumed by the photographer or the photo editor that you want everything taken off your face.

Most women are freaked out about getting older.
We're all freaked out. You just have to be freaked out quietly. It happens about 42, 43. You can feel where it's going to go. Here's my recipe: Live with fewer mirrors. It's part of the reason for doing fewer movies, because you have to start every morning with two hours in front of a mirror. I mean, who wouldn't be depressed? I am not saying it's easy to age. But women have to be really vigilant because the world is geared toward helping you to look younger at every turn. There's a small club of women who are willing to age.

An Officer and a Gentleman was on television last night.
I did not have a great time on that set. Studio mishegoss. I was being really jerked. And most of those guys are dead now. So I don't feel bad. People like Don Simpson -- they were pigs. I'm sorry, may he rest in peace, but he'd go to dailies and bring me a water pill. They treated girls very badly. I was trying to stand up to it. And it was hard. I was really young. "Is she fuckable? Do I want to fuck her? Will I get to fuck her?" That's all it's about in that world. And I don't go to the movies for that. It wasn't about finding a guy I wanted to fuck. It was about dreaming about life.

Speaking of notorious Hollywood producers, you worked with Robert Evans on your big breakout movie, Urban Cowboy.
All I remember is the massive amounts of cocaine on the front of his shirt. What is he made out of? And I'm, like, 23 years old and I see Robert Evans, and that was Hollywood to me. It was kind of a gift if you think about it. Had it been any less ridiculous, I might have bought it. I might have bit.

Michelle Pfeiffer was up for the role, too.
Yeah. Michelle and I are about the same age. We came up in the business together, but now she looks like my younger sister. Hmmm, how does that happen? Takes a bite of crème brûlée. Mmmmm. That's so good it makes me want to kick someone! It's like those vinegar-and-salt potato chips that make me want to slap someone.

You see, you do have anger issues!
Oh, yeah, big ones. Big ones. To the waiter Come here, come here! Jokingly slaps him. Oh, he likes it!

hen Noah was born. I was 32.

In 1995, you were two weeks into shooting your last film, The Divine Rapture, with Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp, when the financing fell through. What was it like working with Brando?

I first met him at an Andy Warhol party in 1979. Urban Cowboy wasn't even out yet. I don't have the Marlon thing. All the guys do, but to me, he's a bit tragic. I love him because of what he was, and what he was is probably what hurt him. But I find him tragic. Because he's very locked up. Locked in there. I do remember the day he slapped Johnny Depp. It was like a lover's spat. Maybe he sees in Johnny the young him and wants to keep from happening what happened to him. I don't know. He slapped him in a scene, but they were improvising -- which is all you ever really do with Marlon. But we had fun acting together. He was wearing some Kabuki makeup. And he had dyed his hair red, because we were in Ireland. I have the footage in my living room.

And to think, he was such a god.
Well, there's only one direction from there. And everybody ought to get hip on that.

What's the most money you've ever made on a film?
I got out before the whole thing exploded. I was at the top of my deal, but it wasn't anywhere near what happened when those other girls arrived. Would I be bitter about that? No. But it does put money in perspective. It's like a merry-go-round: You go up and down, and sometimes you get the golden ring. But there are so many actors going for the ring every time that there's nothing in between. There's just golden rings. It's boring. The money stands for something that's just less quality. Arliss and I have the How Much Money Does He Need? game. Like when you see someone well-known in a commercial, you go, "How much money do you need?" I just never required that much money. It corrupts. Bigger house? Bigger car? Who cares?

Are you back now?
I'm definitely open to reading scripts again. I'm not interested in . . . I've hit my sell-by date on turkeys. I don't want to try to be something I'm not. I'd love to work with Wes Anderson, Bernardo Bertolucci, Richard Attenborough, Agnieszka Holland, and Quentin Tarantino, depending on the material. I'll tell you where I'm at: Yesterday, a photographer was shooting me for another magazine, and he said, "Ooooh, I love that freshly fucked look!" And since it was eleven o'clock in the morning, and I'd just gotten out of bed with my husband, I actually had been. I had that look. Love that morning stuff! At the same time, one of his assistants was saying, "Wow, you're my mother's favorite actress!" "

Article by Holly Millea of New York Magazine

She is a nut job and a breath of fresh air all rolled into one. Cheers to you, Winger! And that has been this weeks segment of Whatever happened to.......!!

Arts and Crafts

Place: El Manor
Time: 12:07 am
Medium: hands and clay
Photos by: Action Jackson

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A crown of flowers fit for a King

Carol King makes me think of my Mom. It makes me dream of simpler times, or being a broken hearted high school girl in the 1970's. I have heard this story from many a sources....this was the anthem for many young girls in the 70's (specifically 1971) to their boyfriends. With songs like Will you still love me tomorrow and Natural Woman notched on the Tapestry belt, it's hard to imagine this album NOT being the go to record for the wallflower youth of the 70's. I personally love this song because it was my jam when I was in a very involved, in dept sociological experiment on the underground fast pace world of Karaoke life. So this one's for you Ma, sway away. Xx

Friday, January 13, 2012


Chatting with Duckie about my Harold and Maude melt down the other week, made me realize that I haven't posted this yet. It's a cult classic that has stolen my heart. It's a package deal with everything I love. You have the socially uncomfortable Harold, a 17 year old rich kid that gets zero attention from his parents and acts out the only way he knows how, faux suicide attempts. Each one better then the next.Then you have Maude, a 79 year old that frequents funerals and steals cars for fun. Their paths cross at a random funeral and their adventure skyrockets from there. I have to say that after watching it I was severely depressed.(for 30 minutes) I won't spoil the end, but I will say that if you are not a fan of Cat Stevens, this movie is not for you. He sound tracks the whole thing, much like Simon and Garfunkel did for the Graduate. If you can get pass that, then I think Harold and Maude has potential to be in the top 10 position in your Netflix queue. Do it!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BB and Birkin

The coolest kids on the block! Brigitte Bardot & Jane Birkin. They both had Serge, they both had style and most importantly, they both had bitchin hair. <3

"One two three. I'm done!"

I am proud to say that this is day 8 of my new life, as a non smoker. No patch, no gum, just sheer will power and ego. I hope that I don't turn into one of those A holes that preach at the people, telling them that are digging their own grave by smoking. Or that they are giving money to a tobacco company that has been in cahoots with our government from day one in order to keep population control under a big fat red white and blue thumb. Yeah, I hope I don't start all that. My name is Jassy Chinaski, and I support this message.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sax Solo

From now on, this song will remind me of Freight train Hecksters.
Merry New Year kids.


(nah koy' kahtsee)
From the Hopi language.
War as a way of life
(Civilized Violence)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poser Post

I have been immersed in the life and trials of skate legends of the 80's, and I love it. My dude and I were in a riptide of odd documentary flicks on the weekend, one of which was, Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi and whhhhhhoooooo! I was hooked. The kid has an amazing story, a VH1 behind the music kind of story if you will. The classic fame to shame story that has you wanting more at the end. (He was super cocky and a beautiful half breed, I had a crush.)So naturally I had to spread the word and ask my fellow movie buffs if they had seen it yet. My homie, "Mijo" was one of the first people I was able to nerd out with and ask, "hey Dude, have you seen this yet??" to which he replies, "No, have you seen the Gator story?!".

SIDE NOTE: I have to say, after we watched the Hosoi movie, my dude DID say we have to find the Gator movie. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

SO. With that being said, I now had two very creditable film buffs telling me I had to watch something. I see that as homework. Willing homework. So after looking all over netflix and apple tv I decided to go to the last hope in instant gratification, when all else fails, Youtube it. So I did. I found all 9 parts, and haven't really been able to shake it since.

Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator, was even better then the Hosoi movie. Hosoi was a champion skater at a very young age, rico suave, had fame and money as a teenager and then started doing crystal meth. Lost everything went to jail and then found God. Now the Gator story was along the same line. Same fame, same money, same groupies, but Gator became a product. He doing cameos on club MTV with Downtown Julie Brown. He had become more interested in the character of himself then the real deal. He went down a shame spiral after punching a kid that was bugging him for an autograph. His sales dropped in Europe, he started drinking heavily, he was in a tumultuous relationship with his on again off again live in girl friend Brandi. He would have fits of rage, punching cops and all around mayhem. At one point he jumped off of this hotel balcony while touring, woke up in a hospital wondering what had happened. When street skating got big he was thrown completely out of the loop. He was a vert skater that was now in a street skate world. He was a falling star. He could see his self induced shit hole getting bigger, so he (like Hosoi) turned to God. When he asked the church to help him seek therapy for his rage, they told him that he didn't need a therapist, he needed to ask god to release him of his demons. This was the first step down to a dark and misleading path. He was so pumped on his religion that he wanted his beloved Brandi to join him at church. She didn't feel the same way, so she drifted into the arms of another. He. Lost. His. Shit. He stalked and harassed her, he actually went to her house and told her that he wanted to kill her. He was very specific, he told her that he wanted to do every sexual act to her then dump her dead body in the desert.

He got a call from a friend of Brandis', Jessica Bergsten. She had been out of the party loop for a while and wanted to hang out. He too was really lonely and grasped at the chance to hang out with someone, a girl, on top of the fact that she looked alot like Brandi, "cut from the same mold" as he has said. They hung out at his house all day, drinking wine and catching up. Jessica was sitting on the floor of his living room and was thinking about heading out for the night. Gator told her to hang out for a second while he grabbed something out of his car. He went down to his car and grabbed "the club", (the anti theft device)came back up stairs to the living room and hit her over the head. He said that he hit her 3 times "just to knock her out", then brought her upstairs to his bedroom, tied her to his bed and raped her for hours. He said that she was asking "please let me go!". At that point he decided she was making to much noise so he put her in a surf board bag and put his hand over her mouth, she then stopped breathing. He took her and all the evidence of her murder in the now ready made body bag to the desert and left her there.

To me, Gator was the Charlie Manson of the hay day 80's skate world. Just as Manson killed the air of flower children, Gator killed the hope of ever seeing another wave of carefree kids just doing what they love and making a ton of money doing it. But who should we blame for this? Do we blame the hype machine that told him he was invincible? Do we blame his girlfriend for cheating on him and taking advantage of his financial support, causing him to flip out? Do we blame the church for disregarding his severe case of bipolar disorder that he was diagnosed with as soon as he was put in jail? Kinda. But in the end, he has no one to blame but himself. He should rot in California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo for what he did. It was pre meditated, it was shotty, it was just sad. What the number one rule? Never touch the body. jkjk But I do believe that this whole thing could have been avoided if he was told that the chemicals in his body are off and they need to be corrected a bit. He needed to be on medication. He was a really intelligent and gifted guy, he would have understood. His rage would be tamed and his anger would be positioned in the right place, at himself.

If you are a crime documentary fan, this is a must see. Below is my favorite part of the film. It's at the very end of the 10 min segment. Please watch the whole movie but for this video, skip to 7:40 - 8:37 then stop. Enjoy!

Pictures shown:
1. Mark "Gator" Rogowski and Cindy Crawford
2. Christian Hosoi and his personalized hammer head board
3. Gator playing guitar
4. Hosoi in his trade mark "no shirt and hair extensions" i <3 him...
5. Gator looking creepy
6. Hosoi in a hand plant