Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yuuuup! Atlantic Records 1987 goodness.

I fooooounnd it!

I have been on the search for the perfect yet sarcastic power blazer. I am moving up into a new position at work and I will need to spruce up my look. More schmooze, more professional and more "power blazertastic". I have found a few but I think the best bet, color wise, would be to go virgin white.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dream blog

On of the doctors I work with has been encouraging me to make a dream board. A collage of all of my ideas concerning the new house, on one poster board. I can never color inside the lines, so I made a dream folder. It holds all of my paperwork and magazines that I need to keep my creative juices flowing. So to follow suit, I decided to throw a bunch of inspiring photos on the blog as well. This will help me in my decoration quest. Over the color gauntlet and through the texture woods, to the Westboro house we go!

Side note: This last photo of the smurf blue/ hotel california room is sooo sweet. If we had blue carpet I would be all over this look for the master bedroom, with pink champagne on ice!


With a heavy heart we lay to rest the sweetest dog in the world. Peace be with the family and friends of Gidgy Lord. <3 ya Mama.

Photo by: Chrisassy

Friday, March 9, 2012

Here here!!

I see a great weekend with my loves in the near future....Cheers!


Big changes, big plans, big move, big yard, big big. I have so much in my head on a minute by minute type of fast cutting type of vision in my head about the new house. I am so excited and humbled in regards to my new opportunity. So much to do and can go quite mad. The only thing I keep obsessing over is the back yard. I am head over heals in love with it. It is my new baby, and this is my vision.