Monday, January 24, 2011

Nonsensical shade of Beige

You gotta give them a hand for trying, right? Swinging is as taboo as as the word Taboo. To have a tongue in cheek approach to a sexually open and liberated "middle" America is a hard pill to swallow. San Fransiscian minded folks all round the country really wanted to believe that it was all about love, and free love at that. The definition of Free Love is the belief in or practice of sexual relations without marriage and without formal obligations. That just sounds like going "On Tour" to me. It was a blatant sign of the times. People were scared out of their minds that their tomorrow would never come, ie the war, cowboy politicians and so on. I guess I would have the same perspective(white people are nuts!)...But I think that Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice has the perfect ending to the almost childlike idea of the film. What can I say technicolor cinema and Natalie Woods just does it for me.