Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jetty Jett

Yes I saw The Runaways. Yes it was kinda bad. Yes I feel 13 for posting this. Yes Joan Jett and Lita Ford are bad ass. Even though Joan went down the "punk" road after the band split and Lita went down the scary wet dog smelling metal road, they remain cool as hell. The whole time I was watching I couldn't stop saying..... Daaakkkooota. What is wrong mama? This is no way to do "your break out sexy movie". Making out with twilight vampire chick and not having a lick of coordination is not the road for you. Surprisingly twilight chick was a pretty good Joan Jett. Ehh

Cherry Bomb has been stuck in my head for a good two weeks now. I was embarrassed of posting this because it borderlines whitetrashish and I like to keep my blog pretty. With that said, here are The Runaways..

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