Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From Shelley's Belly

All before the tender age of 21ish, Mary Shelley was in love, pregnant, published and family bound and down. She was born into the hands of a political novelist father and feminist writer and activist mother. Both of her parents were ani marriage and immersed themselves in a tight knit group of intellectuals. The circle included none other then poet Percy Shelley. Mary and Percy went on trips with Percy's writer homies and would have ghost story writing contest.(cute)She was encouraged by her colleagues to make Frankenstein it into a novel. Her first 3 children didn't make it past toddler years and her Mother died shortly after she was born, so the premise for Frankies was all the more tragic. An advantageous heart named Victor goes away to school after his mothers death to make something of himself (a doctor)and begins to question his professors, science and even life. He felt that the question of death should be answered. Why does one have to die? Why does one have to go through the pain of losing a loved one? The science was there and all he was missing was "raw material". There was question as to who actually wrote the first known scifi blood curdling novel. Her husband Percy was thought to have written it because the thought of a woman writing this kind of literature at that time was unheard of especially at that young of an age. If they looked at her life they would have understood that she was surounded by death so a want for or towards eternal life with loved ones here on earth, as far fetched as that may be, is a beautiful want indeed. It's at what cost that kills...

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