Friday, July 15, 2011

If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong

I have read so many reviews on this movie and most of them are pretty inaccurate. It was a hit before it was a hit. The director writer, Pierre Grimblat was reckless. He hired a 20 something philly that didn't speak a lick of french for a french film. He got an award for best commercial of the year in Europe so he had Serge go and receive it for him and filmed it for the opening credits in the movie. Serge could have gotten arrested. He told his own personal story of infidelity with a young girl and the adventures that they had blatant and out right all the while he was married and had a child on the way. He also turned a flailing on screen duo that couldn't stand each other during screen testing into the couple of the year and in my opinion, frankly they became icons. Balls man! The kid had some balls for his day and time. Yes Jane got a bit annoying but I think it was suppose to be. She was a child enthralled in an adult world. By and by it was a wonderful flick, a home movie for a cute budding couple and interestingly shot for a admitted movie junkie like myself. So to put a cherry on the sundays of all the critics and bloggers that poo pooed this movie, maybe this type of film just isn't for you. Titanic or Black Swan might be more up your alley. As for Grimblat, Bravo! Tres bien Monsieur!

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