Thursday, June 7, 2012

The cool kids table

It's like the most popular kids in high school all sitting at the same lunch table. Can I come hang out?
Top to bottom we have Halston, best known for his Ultrasuede Dress, a flock of beautiful phillies as his entourage and fantastic disco wear draping. Yves Saint Laurent, the protégé of Christian Dior that made a name for himself in the hard to crack circle of elite Paris designers, over the top dresses and shows, perfume and cosmetic line, above all raising the standards of elegance and glamor in womans wear. Mary Aquant who gave us the mini skirt, COLOR and changed the face of fun youth fashion in the UK, shortly after the US caught up and joined the party. Diane Von Furstenberg, the bell of the ball, gave us the wrap dress. She made women feel comfortable with their curves by using the Chignon approach that is used in hair, and instead applied it to her dresses. Genius! Last but not least, CK1 aka Calvin Klein. CK1 brought us back to the basics with his over yet glorious use of simple lines, black white and greys galore and the time tested and mother unapproved heroin chic. What a line up! This is just a humble homage to the people who inspire me to do better, dress fresher and look at fashion with a different pair of eyes. Thanks cool kids, and thank you studio 54 aka Stevie Rubel for being the lunch table that they supped upon. 

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