Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I had to say it.

I went to workout with Kjoy radio last night and she said something that seemed to really pop. During my morning news interweb skim, I thought of the comment she had made. "...some really smart people can do some really dumb things..." or something to that effect. That seemed to resonate in my head as soon as I saw yet another news blurp about Facebook and privacy issues. Here we go again.. Now, you are never going to be able to "erase" your profile. Great. Deleting your profile now, is just a fancy way of logging off? The beast tracks you up to 90 days in a row, where you have been, who have had private conversations with that you thought had been erased, and so on. It made me think, christ almighty this is insanity. This creepy looking kid has not only stolen an idea from a college friend, made the Forbes list because of it,and he now has 800 million members that are addicted to this "social network". I say addiction because people are talking about this shit like Rick James talked about cocaine on the Chappelle show. "It's a hell of a drug." It's everywhere!! TV, buses, radio, magazines, news papers, you name it. It has a facebook page. It's life blood to some.

When fb is ever brought up in conversation it's almost like clock work, people have their reasons that they are still using. Which are all just bullshit excuses if you ask me. Sorry Atari. "I just use it to stay in contact with family." use a phone "I just use it share pictures." develop film and mail it "I only go on there once and a while." liar

The only thing facies is for is snooping. I was on facies at one point, and I found that, that was all there was to do! Other then creating a shrine of yourself or showboating. And when I say snooping I mean, who did sally talk to today, where did bob go this weekend ect ect...Who cares?? The worst for me, was having to holding back vomit when seeing "I love my life" or "Livin the dream" posts. Puke.

So after all the bitching and angry posts, I decided to quit, almost as a dare to myself. After all, all I was doing was complaining about it. At one point it made me feel jealous to see some philly writing on my dudes wall "I miss you I had a dream about you", most of all it made me sick to my stomach to see some of the stupid things people thought was necessary to post on a day to day basis. Again who cares?? I'm proud to say I have not been back and don't not plan on falling off the wagon. Lord knows there have been people that have jumped ship and somehow got back on for their own reasons. May the Force be with you all.

To think that some, if not most of my nearest and dearest are apart of this sham is so frustrating because, well look at the kid who created it?? He is the son of a psychiatrist and a dentist. He was in a fraternity. Harvard I need to go on? He puts the Yup in Yuppie. Most of my friends and family are in no way associated with this kind of kin(folk), and yet they are supporting this Zuckerberg guy like he has the secret of life. My hope is not to offend, but to open eyes to the basic facts of this monster machine we call Facebook. To my boyfriend, friends, and relatives I say, you are the most important people in the world to me for a million and one reasons. But most of all, you are extremely intelligent people. Why would you want to be associated with something that this guy created to control you? I guess I have to wander my way back to my friends original statement.

Fact: Some really smart people do really dumb things.

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