Thursday, January 19, 2012

A crown of flowers fit for a King

Carol King makes me think of my Mom. It makes me dream of simpler times, or being a broken hearted high school girl in the 1970's. I have heard this story from many a sources....this was the anthem for many young girls in the 70's (specifically 1971) to their boyfriends. With songs like Will you still love me tomorrow and Natural Woman notched on the Tapestry belt, it's hard to imagine this album NOT being the go to record for the wallflower youth of the 70's. I personally love this song because it was my jam when I was in a very involved, in dept sociological experiment on the underground fast pace world of Karaoke life. So this one's for you Ma, sway away. Xx


  1. Who is this blooming literary genius? My daughter, that's who. You can peel away a layer and you think you know her, but then discover that it is just the tip of the iceburg, for there are many layers of her yet to be revealed. Truley the pearl of my heart.