Monday, April 4, 2011


Speaking of aggressive females....I decided to watch Cleopatra in honor of the late Elizabeth Taylor forgetting that it was a five hour movie. Yes it took me two days to watch it but the details of the story were well worth the two day intermission. Brushing up on ancient Rome's historical blunders and incestuous shenanigans was hilarious. Not to mention, Queen Cleo in all her glory gave me the chillie willies. Anger, sex and power is a dangerous combination for days like these not to mention days when the term off with their heads was as common as long lines at In-n-Out. So out she went, in true dictator fashion. With the bite on the hand from a snake in a big bowl of figs, she took her own life. She was prepared even for her own death just as Taylor was. Her people were instructed to arrive at Forest Lawn 15 minutes after the ceremony began. Queen indeed.

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