Thursday, April 7, 2011

You saw it here first!

My Pops gave me his old canon and all the little go go gadgets that go with it. Of course I turn one of the camera lens cases into my new purse as shown above. It's cute and light weight in comparison to the over night sized bag that I was carrying last season. It's a great on the go purse and not to boast, but it has been getting a ton of complements. I mean a lot. Like too many. Now I'm afraid I'm going to find it in Urban Outfitters or I will be eating lunch one day and some Phillie with a complicated hair cut will have it hanging off her chair with an iphone hanging out of it. That my friends, would be my worst fear in carnet. Well, getting into a major car accident and being impaled by a stop sign is my worst fear. But getting the high hat, from any company for an idea that I had but they make money off of, is a close second. Paten pending UO. I'm watchin you.

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