Monday, February 6, 2012

"I'm into Hard SF" - Roman

Science fiction has been a popular genre for thousands of years. Before Mary Shelly's Frankenstein there were several novelist that were into the unknown. Stories of the future and outer space. Telekinesis and a contradiction of the laws of nature. Also (gonzo's favorite) post-apocalyptic situations where society has failed as a whole and life finds new ways to begin and thrive. I love it all, but what I seem to love most is how Science Fiction continually and unknowingly, predicts the future. Whether it be technologically or mater of factually.I'm talkin PLANETS! I think it was last year some time, said that NASA found a planet that was like Tatooinee.(Star Wars planet)Amazing! As I have said in previous post I have just started watching Star Trek the original series. I have been noticing all the gadgets that Spock and Kirk have been using and they look very similar to the technology that we use today. Coincidence? I think not.

Exhibit A. A Cell phone
Exhibit B. An Ipad or Kindle
Exhibit C. A bluetooth

Now I'm not saying that Apple is a sham (well...)or they have a bunch of over paid nerds working for them that stole these ideas from the boys and girls at the Starship Enterprise, my point is the minds that develop science fiction material may not be just intellectuals, they may be aliens themselves preparing us for a extra terestrial infused future and how to go about surviving it. All I know is next time I watch Star Trek or Star Wars, I'm taking notes, you should do the same. May the force be with you.

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