Friday, June 3, 2011

Then there was Norman

In first grade, I knew a boy named Norman. One day in class we were asked to bring in a toy from home for "show and tell" and explain to the class, what it was and why it was important to us. My friend Sara brought in coloring book. She said that she liked Care Bears and coloring. Fair enough. I brought in my Glow Worm. I said that I loved it because I got it for Christmas and I slept with it. Lame, but ok. Then there was Norman. "So, Norman. What did you bring to share with us today?" Asked Mrs. Muer. Let me back track for a minute for a quick yet very necessary description of Norman. He was big for a first grader. He was built as a miniature linebacker and had hair that was tall light brown and puffy. (example: Kramer a la Seinfeld) He always wore white t-shirts and blue shorts. Always. He had chubby cheeks, permanent pouty lips and hound dog eyes.(example: Marla eyes from A League of Their Own) "So, Norman. What did you bring to share with us today?" As he walks slowly to the front of the of the class, it appears that he has nothing in his hands. Kids start sitting on their feet and legs to get a better look at the much anticipated toy. He turns and faces us. "Today I brought my clicker. And I like it cause it goes like this"clickclickclickclickclick! goes the top of a Martinelli's apple juice bottle. To this day every time I open up a bottle of apple juice I give it a few clicks for good ol Norman.

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