Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Miss?

Hello, Ma ?
It's me.
It's Billy.
Billy, your son
Turn down the TV, Ma.
Turn down the television
It's Billy.
I told you we were gonna be
in town for one day, right ?
Well, we're in town.
We just flew in.
We're at
the fancy hotel, Ma.
I told you we were
staying downtown. Yes.
The big hotel. Right.
Yeah, I have a big room.
Yes, it's beautiful here.
Yes, it's clean, Ma.
It's a very expensive hotel,
okay ?
No, don't come here, Ma.
Don't come here.
I told you
I wanna go there.
I wanna see
the old neighborhood.
I wanna come now.
[ Sighs ]
What time is the game over, Ma ?
[ Sighs ]
I'll come at : .
No, Ma. She's not coming.
She's sick.
I don't know, Ma.
People get sick.
I don't know why she's sick.
She's sick. Every time we fly
on planes, she gets sick.
I don't know why.
She doesn't like flying.
Plus, we sit in first class.
They bring you a lot of food,
and she always gets stomach cramps.
I don't know.
I ca--
She's sleeping, Ma.
I'm in the lobby
of the hotel.
She's sleeping upstairs.
I'm not gonna wake her up.
Did you hear what I said ?
Did you hear what I said ?
What did I say ?
What did I say ? She's sick
Fine, Ma.
You want me to wake her up ?
You want me to go upstairs and wake
her up ? You know, you're unbelievable.
Then how you gonna feel
when she comes over sick ?
How you gonna feel then,
when you see how sick she is ?
No, I'm gonna bring her.
I'm gonna drag her outta bed,
and I'm gonna bring her.
So you can see her.
Fine. We're coming over.
We're coming over.
I said I'm bringing her.
Yes. Fine.
Okay ? Good-bye.

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