Friday, June 24, 2011

Do Birkin

From Marc by Marc to Miu Miu they have all taken on the challenge of recreating the original Birkin bag. Wink. The term was coined by Hermès when owner Jean-Louis Dumas found himself boarding a flight and sitting next to Jane Birkin. As she went to put her well known to Londonites, woven basket purse in the over head storage compartment, she dropped it and all of her purse items went sputnik on the floor.(It makes sense because she moved new born faun, floppy and light..a clumsy little thing..) This launched the conversation between Jean and Jane. She told him that she couldn't find a bag that could hold everything and easy to get into. The light bulb went click and BOOM the mother of all purses, The Birkin was born. The story has been told many ways but this is my favorite. The Hermès Birkin is almost like a mini suit case hand bag. It's clean looking and seems to get the job done. But I think that the term Birkin bag should also be bestowed upon the seasonal purse that makes it's rounds in the eyes of Spring and Summer. THAT is the Birkin. An easy going bag. A go with anything bag. Throw your chonies and a tooth brush in a basket and take off for the weekend. She was a no muss no fuss kind of gal. Not a $7.000- $15,000 a pop kinda gal. I say we give the Birkin a "take it down a notch" make-under and re assign The Birkin to all the cute straw purses that we see this Summer. Gimme a Summer!

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