Friday, June 3, 2011

Ode to Shel: Write like you are on a cigg break.

I'm just me
Yes little O me
I make no excuse!
I will give you no plea!
I'm just me

I'm just me
I have different colored knees
and eyes and ears
I have a fear of bees!
And lizards flying out of trees!
I'm just me

I'm just me
And you may not like it
It may boil your blood
Why try to fight it?
If it were up to you my name would be mud
But unfortunatelyyyyy
I'm just meee.

I'm just me
And I'm all alone
Sometimes there is no one to answer the phone
I hurt and laugh
Just like regular folks do
Sometimes I wish I could hide in the blue.
Amniotic fluid made Frankenstein
But who held his hand when he started to cry?
Life's trials and happiness fly at me like fleas
I cant seem to help it
I'm just me

Photo by: Gonian

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