Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Japanarama Anna

ADR, other wise known as Anna Dello Russo is the Anna Wintour of the East. Far East. She is the editor of Vogue Japan. Only Japan would give this nut job, (I say that lovingly) the pristine position of "Editor at Large" for such a powerful and influential magazine as Vogue. Dello Russo has the perfect personality for Japan, she fits like a glove. A glitter spiked studded glove, but a glove. There is a wonderful feeling of uninhibited color and shape in their fashion choices. I guess we have Anna and the designers she dotes upon to thank for that. She maybe over the top, she may have a butter face and should keep glasses on at all times or may even have a website that looks like it is a myspace page and belongs to a old Russian prostitute, but you gotta appreciate a woman that still wears shoulder pads, and wears them well.

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