Monday, October 10, 2011


Yves Saint Laurant was hands of Dior in the late 50's, at the ripe age of 21. Before Christian died, Yves had taken over haute couture. He WAS Paris fashion. After Christian Dior passed away he made the bold step forward and went out on his own. He launched YSL. In it's sophomore/junior year, YSL went Mod which the french hated, and brought us the women's tuxedo suit. He also did Piet Mondrian and he did it well. In a way he shaped a new woman. In the same way Mary Quant brought us the mini skirt or Diane von F├╝rstenberg brought us the wrap dress. He brought us out of our proper pencil skirts and Katherine Hepburn men's slacks. True pioneers in fashion. Anna Wintour was right to ask, who is next? Marc Jacobs, Jah bless him, is in his 40's. Who is going to change the shape of women in my generation? One can only hope that they look to their above mentioned forefathers for inspiration. A modern day YSL would be a breath of fresh air in these days of the lazy ishame haze.

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