Monday, October 24, 2011

Not quite...

Mattel Mattel Mattel....Tisk tisk. Dos my eyes deceive? A white, hispanic and african Barbie. I understand that these are collectors items, but are they collectors items because of how racist they are? Kinda like swastika flags in antique malls and and pictures of white men with shoe polish on their face, shuckin and jivin, singing about mammy something or other? This is what the little girls of the 50's had to look at as an example of what she should be doing with her life or what her life should look like. The first Barbie is lounging in a fashionable bathing suite with matching sunglasses and a pulled back proper do. The second Barbie appears to be pregnant and dressed for the kitchen, empty pockets and hair down. The third Barbie is half naked with a snake slithering up her leg, in feathers and presumably a tribal woman.....with a mallard on her head. A mallard. There has always been issues with Barbie, is she realistic example for little girls, should Barbie have tattoos, why do the black Barbie's have straight hair? If we are doing stereo typical barbies here, then wouldn't you agree that the first barbie should have her hair up in curlers with a cigarette attached to her face and a broom in her dish gloved hand? Therapist and adultery blindfold not included.

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