Friday, October 14, 2011


Mr. Pea, Sir. Pot and Mr. Clev were in a bloody war. In the end, nobody won. Why you ask? "IF INDEED you are fighting in a war," said Sir. Pot, "..and both shed blood, you are both to blame. One is not right and the other wrong. You both are wrong. You both have killed." Pot was quite disgusted. "You can NOT claim to be a peacekeepers when you have blood stained hands." Pot urged and begged with the Generals. "Learn from each other instead of seeing each other faults. Grow away from your hatred, and understand that he was born naked just as you were. We are made from the Same Minerals, and you are no better then your brother." Just as the last kind word fell off Mr. Pot's lips,the Generals went for their weapons and struck.

Clev's machete pierced right through Pot's throat and into the chest of Pea. Squish. The next strike was almost as clean the first. Reactionarily, the gun that was aimed at Sir Pot's kidney was fired. Bang! The bullet went in Pot's low back and out Pea's thigh, hitting his femoral artery. The men dropped to their knees. Their new found cold and wet dirt grave was saturated in blood. They had killed Sir Pot.

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