Friday, August 26, 2011

Annnnd an unhealthy obsession with Daphne Guinness..

Guinness is a walking piece of art with Cruella DeVille hair and a coffee and cigarettes diet. I was browsing Italian Vogue's website and trying to avoid the slave jewelry link, (bad form guys) and I found the pictures from a Valentino show. The guest list was tip top and draped head to louboutin's in black. I scroll scroll scroll and come across this thing...This thing! In chopsticks and a bright flowing dress that went from purple to fusha to red and black. I was thinking to myself, "what is this walking butterfly in a cocoon?" Looked into it a bit more, and apparently she has been into using fashion as an art form for a while now. She is now 40 something and seems to just be getting better. She has an obsession with armor. That alone makes her cool (and the gang). She has had her own window in Barneys displaying some sort of store front street art performance. Awesome. AND bestie's with the late, the great Alexander McQueen. Gold star!Gold stars for all!
I'm sure she is full of sheit but is quite the walking comic strip. I dig it.

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