Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get over it. I know I am....Calm down

My bday month as been sub par. Bad news bears yesterday. So what better way to take a few laps in my own pool of Debbie Downer doodoo, then to get back on my Vincent Gallo kick. I'm fully aware of how annoying it will be. I have accepted it. I'll be the junk man to your fix if you are ever in need of bitter bitter Billy Brown blunders. So instead of being blue come have a chuckle or two at the erotic chaotic Gallo rants and tantrums. This is a cerebrial as my blog will get. I think I'm going to use Gallo as a medium for my sadness and anger. Through his smallmindedness and spite I will take my tonge in cheak approach with most things in my life and filter it through eachother so that they in a way wash clean through the other side. Like Andy Dufresne. Quick some body call the waaaambulance.

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