Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mad Men

I guess I makes sense to keep things clean and classy and end on a high note. Since the decision to end Mad Men by the 6th season was in the creators hands, I think Weiner must have subconsciously knew that the Mad fans would lose interest if they saw Draper in bell bottoms or Campbell sent off to Vietnam. But is he nuts? Ok, yes, it would loose the cool vibe that the whole show gives off but what do people like more then watching a falling star? I think many would love to see Draper pay for his sins and "Red's" dreams of being a Dr.'s wife and a stay at home mom go up in flames. I didn't care for her racist comments....Annnnyway my heart is sad. The writers have a TON of work on their hands. They have people all over ummm Costa Mesa with bated breath. Don't screw it up guys!

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